My Favorite Fashions Trends of 2017 Thus Far –

Yesterday I went shopping with one of my best friends to help her find some cute spring/summer outfits – I soon realized how different of a style we had (Which is not at all a bad thing). Nearly everything I would pull off the rack and say “How about this?”, I would get the ‘You’ve got to be kidding me..’ look. So, for laughs, she decided to at least try on one outfit I had picked for her. To both of our surprise, she ended up liking it! She didn’t buy the outfit as it was definitely out of her everyday style comfort zone but I think it opened up her eyes to trying new things – With that being said, here are my favorite trends of 2017 so far:

     1. Overalls/Dungarees – I believe it was last year that I noticed these were starting come back and I was very unsure of it at that time. As they say, ‘History always repeats itself.’. I started to see more and more people wearing them and loved the way it looked so casual but so fashionable at the same time! :


     2. Hunter Boots/Wellies Yes, I know this is not a new trend for 2017, but its a trend that has continued into 2017 that I absolutely love! Being from one of the rainiest states in America (Washington), rain boots are a necessity for every household. You will definitely get a ton of use out of them and oddly enough they add a bit of elegance to your rainy day outfit:


     3. Mesh Leggings I’ve always been a legging girl so these instantly caught my eye. They are starting to become a lot more popular and add a little extra fierceness to your average black legging. Expect to turn heads and a lot of compliments when wearing these:

Blog-Mesh Legging

     4. Oversized Olive Jacket – In my opinion, the best way to pair this jacket would be with a t-shirt dress or a striped shirt and ripped jeans. Ive seen similar jackets in a nude and a rose color which would be just as adorable!  Im always drawn to pieces that I could dress up for more semi-formal events or dress down for casual outings – and of course, this is perfect for just that:

Blog-Olive Jacket

5. Rose Gold Accessories – Last but certainly not least, there is just something about rose gold that makes me feel really sophisticated and chic! It is my goto accessory whether it be a necklace, ring, bracelet or watch:

Blog-Rose Gold

If there are any fashion trends that you feel particularly drawn to, leave me a link in the comments as I am always seeking new styles!

– Makailah ♡ 


The Perfect Everyday Accessory –

PicMonkey Collage-2This weekend I went to the NW Women’s Show in Seattle and came across a booth with hundreds of headbands in many different patterns! Having grown up with unruly hair, I formed an everyday relationship with simple black elastic headbands and never thought twice about it. When I saw these, I instantly thought about how practical and adorable they were! So many options for so many different outfits – and on top of that, you’ll never have a bad hair day again!

I highly recommend everyone add at least one of theses trendy pieces to your collection! Handmade by Danielle and her team.

Check them out:, Insta: @piecestopeaces

Makailah ♡


The Best Time for New Beginnings is Now –

And so the the day has come that I have finally decided to share my story and my life with others. I have a strong love for life and everything it has to offer, but only recently have I gained the ability to appreciate everything I have had right in front of me.

I spent countless days and nights listening to sad music, with tears in my eyes, asking the universe, ‘Why Me?’. I felt as though I had to fight 5x harder than the average person to get through a day without wanting to break down. You know how everyone says “It gets easier.”? Well, they’re right! I know what you’re thinking…I was that person who would look them in the eye and say ‘No! Walk a day in my shoes and then tell me it will get easier.’

I have dealt with bullying, heartbreak, depression, anxiety, extremely low self esteem, body image issues, ect. I can relate with so many different people. The past year was probably one of the worst years of my life. There was one day specifically, where I felt I was  at an all time low and I was so tired of fighting. I realized at that moment, thats exactly what I have been doing my whole life, fighting. Fighting to be heard, fighting to be seen, fighting to be loved, fighting to feel loved, fighting to be happy. Im a fighter, and I will not quit.

The best thing I have done, was find hobbies that I can put my thoughts and energy into. Thats where this blog comes in –  Beauty, fashion, traveling, and of course life, are all a very important part of who I am. I want to be able to share this new adventure with the world and hopefully help others realize that there is nothing more beautiful than the life that you create for yourself.

Makailah ♡